What stop you from prospecting and how to avoid them?

In today’s blog, we will talk about the reasons that stop a salesperson from prospecting and how to avoid them?

In the earlier blog posts, we saw what the sales leads are, what is prospecting, why do we prospect, and the importance of continuous prospecting.

Let’s see what are the three reasons that stop a salesperson from prospecting? They are:

1. Procrastination
2. Perfectionism
3. Paralysis from the analysis

1. Procrastination:

Everyone knows that to achieve something in life, one has to work towards it every day. But we choose to do it sometime and ignore it another time. To avoid, we tell ourselves the fake story, that we will do it some other day.

It is true not just in sales but almost everywhere in our lives. It is easy and natural to push down the work that needs us to think, negotiate, or include difficult conversations. We tend to do the work that is easy and which we are comfortable with, pretending that we are delaying essential tasks because we are busy. And this makes us move away from our goals.

Pause and recall when you procrastinated something essential and instead did something more comfortable? Never procrastinate. That’s the number one enemy of a salesperson.

2. Perfectionism:

As business owners, when we start our businesses, we don’t know much about running the business. The list includes:
– how to manage and grow the business?
– how to sell our products and services?
– how to tackle the finances?
– how to manage the team?
– how to comply with various government agencies?
So on and so forth. And that didn’t stop us from starting our businesses.

If you would decide first to learn everything about the business and then start the business, you would never be able to start it in the first place.

The same thing is right for sales. You don’t have to find every bit about the prospect every time. When dealing with a bigger client on a larger project with a C-level executive, it might be needed. Otherwise, a quick check would do as this will leave you time for reaching out to more prospects. 

Perfectionism is the second enemy of the sales person, as it waste a lot of time and stops you from reaching out to more qualified prospects.

3. Paralysis from the Analysis:

Many times, we avoid reaching out to the prospects out of fear. When we are ready to call, out of fear, our head starts telling us a lot of stories so that we can avoid prospecting.

We start analyzing everything, what if the prospect would say this, what if the prospect would raise that questions, what will I do if they talk technical, but I am not prepared? These questions stop us from prospecting as we get paralyzed with all the ifs and buts that we generate in our head. 

Don’t paralyze yourself by over analyzing, instead get into the action. If your analysis stops you from taking action, you can’t generate results and in the sales, results are everything.

How to avoid these three Ps:

There is only one way. Know these three Ps, stay present to them as they arise, and start prospecting.

Beyond the basics, we master the skills only by practicing, and more you practice prospecting more expert you will become.

Because you want to become an expert, you have to fight and win over the three Ps of prospecting, which are Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Paralysis from the analysis. 

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