Seven mindsets of top salespeople

In this blog post, we will see the mindset of a successful salesperson.

You can check for these traits when you hire someone.

As we know, only 10-15% of sales team members are top-rated achievers. These top-rated salespeople stand out from everyone else when it comes to crushing their quota and bringing revenue to the company. They are the one who also has the highest earnings, taking the highest incentives month over month, quarter over quarter, with consistency.

What makes these top salespeople different from others? The answer is simple, the top salespeople possess a certain mindset, which makes them a winner.

Seven mindsets of top sales people:

Competitive: Every great salesperson is competitive by nature. A person can’t be satisfied and can become an achiever too. Being competitive is the most crucial trait of an achiever.

If someone isn’t competitive, they will not be fierce enough to take your sales to the next level.

Knowledge seeker: Salespeople who are top earners regularly train themselves. They ask for continuous feedback, are knowledge-hungry, and are looking to improve their own skills. You will find them investing their time in reading sales blogs, books, listening podcasts, following sales leaders on social media to learn new tips and tricks.

They make sure they are at the forefront of the latest sales technique with the focus on bringing more sales and revenue while earning fat incentives for themselves.

Process-driven: The great salespeople know that nothing happens on its own or random.

Their success lies in the fact that they know there is a science of sales. And diligently they follow the processes to keep crushing their quota. Their working style is efficient and makes them effective with strong results.

The real salesperson blocks their prospecting hours, use the right tools to make it easy to follow up with prospects, make the best use of their CRM tools, and make sure they are effective on each sales day.

Achievers: Top salespeople are achievers. They have an endless desire to achieve their dreams, and they do whatever it takes to reach their goals. They are firm believers of consistency, and they live a life of being consistent. They don’t believe in giving reasons, and you can see that in their lifestyle. This trait makes them top achievers.

Self-motivated: Achievers are self-motivated. When achievers fail, they get up on their own.

The great salesperson sees failures as opportunities to learn and move ahead. In the face of difficulty and rejection, they stay motivated with the faith that the next yes is just around the corner. They don’t see rejection to get demotivated but instead use it as a motivation tool for the future.

Confident: Another great trait of the top sales achiever is the confidence they carry.

Top sales achievers are naturally confident. They have a sense of pride for their work, their personality, and they are almost in love with themselves. This trait supports them to prospect and sell with confidence.

They are confident that they are to make it big in life, and their approach to sales reflects the same. They are mentally tough and tackle their negative emotions by working on those emotions continuously. 

Enthusiastic: Top salespeople are passionate about their work. They start their day with great enthusiasm and finish their day with equal confidence.

They are always looking for one more prospect to reach out to, one more presentation to be made, one more estimate to be submitted, one more networking opportunity to grab.

The enthusiastic salespeople are always fired up with the possibilities a day can provide. They don’t hide behind personal struggles. Instead, they attack those struggles with even bigger enthusiasm and focuses on bringing their best face forward every minute of their workday.

These are the seven mindsets of the top salespeople. You should look for these traits when hiring a sales team.

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